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A few of my favourite things

So, I made a spontaneous shopping trip this afternoon with my daughter.  It was more to return an item that I didn’t suit but I purchased a pair of black denim shorts.  I seem to be obsessed with shorts at the minute.

I also had a shoe delivery today from New Look of these triple black strap chunky sandals which I’m loving at the minute.  I had to order a size 5 as I seem to have lost a shoe size since losing weight.  My partner thinks it’s a con to buy more shoes but I swear it’s true.







Shorts Success

I managed to find some shorts of a decent length in Matalan this weekend.  The only colour of choice was black so I went with those.  They were a bargain at £7 (half price sale) and I wore them today with a black Primark vest top and my black floral Matalan kimono and black and gold Primark sandals.  I didn’t get up early enough to wash my hair so just put it up in a pony tail.









I also found what I thought was shorts on eBay which I bought for £2.75 plus postage (another bargain) which came today, however, they are more three quarter length.  Now I know I’m small but not that small.  I will shorten them though so they are more the length I need. I think this picture is a little deceiving as the description definitely says shorts.  Hey ho, you live and learn, I think I was so excited to find what I was looking for that I jumped straight in and purchased.  It’s a good job they weren’t expensive.







Shorts Shortage

I am exhausted. I have spent all week trying in vain to find tailored shorts that I can wear to,work in this hot weather.

I have looked everywhere on the internet you can think of as well as the shops in my town but nothing.  Now I don’t really like my legs above the knee so I want a pair that reach my knee and all I can find are short shorts!  I don’t really think these are suitable for working in an office.

I have found a pair on Ebay but really need more than one pair.  So I will be trying my luck tomorrow at a Next Clearance shop near me.

I will keep you updated with my progress.


Birthday Cake and Pimms

I went to see my niece and nephew today as it was their birthday.  Indulged in some cake and a few glasses of pimms.  As it was such a nice sunny day I thought I would take the opportunity to start trying out some holiday outfits.

I’m wearing some denim shorts and grey vest top, both from Primark with my New Look kimono and some sandals I’ve had for a few years from F&F.  Oh and my Oakley sunglasses.











I also did a spot of web surfing this morning and found some nice shoes on a website I’ve recently discovered called http://www.spylovebuy.com and in their sale I found the following boots.  I’ve been in love with this style of boot all winter but couldn’t find any suitable ones.  So I saw these today and bought them for the winter.  Mind you with the current weather not being able to make up its mind I might be wearing them sooner rather than later.




I also spotted some nice sandals on this website so may be returning before my holiday to purchase these, funds allowing.











http://www.newlook.com. @newlookfashion

http://www.primark.com. @primark

http://www.clothingattesco.com  @FandFclothing

http://www.oakley.com. @oakley


Monday Blues…. and Tuesday, and Wednesday

As yesterday was such a horrible day and the last day of the bank holiday weekend I decided to cheer myself up with a spot of retail therapy for my holiday next month.  All of my purchased were from New Look.  I seem to gravitate towards New Look at the minute but I think they have a good range of styles to suit all ages, shapes and sizes.  I am particularly loving the kimono look at the minute and treated myself to the one pictured below.


http://www.newlook.com @NewLookFashion









I have recently had a lot of new Twitter followers and I have spent time today browsing @soinfashion http://www.soinfashion.com website and have added the following to my holiday wish list. I’ve added links should you wish to purchase anything you like that I post on my blog.




























And I’m absolutely in love with these tartan leggings.










I can can feel another shopping spree coming on.