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Check Mate

Apologies I haven’t posted anything for a while. I have been on holiday to Tenerife and then was away last weekend on a fitness weekend with some girl friends. And also I have broken my iPad and I feel lost without it. 😥

The big thing for AW 14 seems to be checks of all sizes and colours. I have my check blanket wrap which I have already posted a while ago but another recent purchase is this check longline jacket from New Look. I have worn mine with black leggings, a Primark black vest top, as it’s still quite warm and knee length black boots which were from George at Asda two years ago. I think they make really reasonable priced leather boots that last although I will probably need a new pair for this winter.



A few of my favourite things

So, I made a spontaneous shopping trip this afternoon with my daughter.  It was more to return an item that I didn’t suit but I purchased a pair of black denim shorts.  I seem to be obsessed with shorts at the minute.

I also had a shoe delivery today from New Look of these triple black strap chunky sandals which I’m loving at the minute.  I had to order a size 5 as I seem to have lost a shoe size since losing weight.  My partner thinks it’s a con to buy more shoes but I swear it’s true.







Shorts Success

I managed to find some shorts of a decent length in Matalan this weekend.  The only colour of choice was black so I went with those.  They were a bargain at £7 (half price sale) and I wore them today with a black Primark vest top and my black floral Matalan kimono and black and gold Primark sandals.  I didn’t get up early enough to wash my hair so just put it up in a pony tail.









I also found what I thought was shorts on eBay which I bought for £2.75 plus postage (another bargain) which came today, however, they are more three quarter length.  Now I know I’m small but not that small.  I will shorten them though so they are more the length I need. I think this picture is a little deceiving as the description definitely says shorts.  Hey ho, you live and learn, I think I was so excited to find what I was looking for that I jumped straight in and purchased.  It’s a good job they weren’t expensive.