Dancing on the ceiling

Well the tables and chairs anyway. As some of you may know it was my birthday last week and I wanted to do something different. So a group of us went to Bistro Live in Milton Keynes. Little did I know not only would I be singled out to stand on my chair, as it was my birthday, but we were also encouraged to dance on the tables. How many places actually want you to get up and dance on their tables? I wore my new Kaliko sequin shift dress with some wedge shoe boots. I am only surprised that there were no accidents but can say the food was great and we had a brilliant night with a three course meal at a reasonable price of £25 per person.


@KalikoFashion http://www.kaliko.co.uk
@BistroLive http://www.bistrolive.com

Green with Envy

I must admit I’ve been a little green with envy as my other half has just been on a boy’s skiing weekend. So in a bid to cheer myself up I have participated in a little retail therapy.

I bought some knee length black boots from
MandCo. They have gold buckle detail to the side and are quilted at the back with a small block heel. I also bought a sequin shift dress from Kaliko and will be wearing it on my birthday night out tonight. I have picked up a strapless black and white stripes dress from River Island which will be perfect for Ascot or my brothers wedding later this year.

And I found a few tops for work in the January sales from New Look and Dorothy Perkins. So all in all a very productive shopping trip and I must say I feel much better.





Woolly Jumpers

I’ve had a splurge on buying woolly jumpers for the cold weather we have been having in the UK of late. And if the weather forecast is anything to go by it is likely to get worse.

These jumpers are from various shops, New Look, FandF, Primark, TKMaxx by GingerG and Brave Soul and are all very different and range from plain to patterned to number logos. They can also be worn casually for a last minute shopping trip or glammed up with a skirt and knee high boots or some accessories for a night out.



Mane’n’Tail – Update

Well I finally plucked up the courage to try the Mane’n’Tail shampoo that all the celebs have been raving about.
I was a little nervous as I imagined all sorts of horrible things happening to my hair but I’m glad to say it is still in tact and none has fallen out!!
The shampoo is almost gel like and needs to be washed twice to get a decent lather but they both have a really nice smell.
I was quite surprised by the results as I have very thick, dry, coarse hair and I am always trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that will leav my hair soft and shiny. And I have to say this Mane’n’Tail does a really good job. So I will probably use it again and I hope the results get better the more I use it.

Exante Diet

So I’ve been trying to diet, again, and have previously lost two stone on the Cambridge Diet. However, I am currently trying Exante Diet which is basically the same thing but a fraction of the price and I don’t have to try and fit in weekly weigh in sessions. You can either opt for 3x 200kcal or 4x 150kcal meal replacements a day but cannot mix and match. I can purchase it easily on line and get next day delivery free of charge. Since October I have lost 11lbs although I have to confess I have not been sticking to the plan religiously. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to make a shake or soup. But I still think that is a good result. I am aiming to lose another half a stone, at least, before Christmas and have just ordered my new supply. I’m trying some flavoured porridge and a chocolate pudding so will let you know what they taste like. And at the minute you can BOGOF!! Not literally of course.

Exante kindly sent me a little pressie in this delivery of a filter water bottle with its own little filter that aims to save you money as you don’t need to purchase bottled water. Each filter will give you the equivalent of 300 bottles of water.
Will keep you updated with my progress in the run up to Christmas and whether I can fit into my party frocks or not, fingers crossed x





It is my partners birthday this coming weekend and as usual I have no idea what to buy him. However, I know he wants to buy new skis for our annual ski trip next March. Great I think I’ll buy him a voucher for Decathlon but this is the most complicated process ever. You have to go to a website called Sporeka Gift Cards which very usefully tells me I have to visit a store to purchase a gift voucher. My nearest store is either Oxford or Reading both which are at least an hour away from me on a good day.
Come on Decathlon / Sporeka in this age of online shopping and social media surely you can offer an online gift card?



Mane and Tail

I have just purchased Mane’n’Tail shampoo and conditioner from Amazon at the bargain price of £5.28 which I’ve linked below. It is fast becoming the shampoo of choice amongst A list celebs and I thought I would give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. Read the full article at http://www.look.co.uk/beauty/why-this-horse-shampoo-might-be-your-best-find-ever



Skinny Diva

I have recently received 3 Months supply of Skinny Diva Raspberry Ketone + Green Coffee Bean Combo – 180 Caps to trial.

I am going to start taking them today and will let you all know the results.

Skinny Diva are currently selling these on special offer at Wowcher which I will link below for you. This offer ends on 7th November.




iPhone 6

You may remember a post from a few months ago where I wasn’t particualrly impressed with Apple as I had an iPhone 4S which, after the IOS 7 update back in July, would no longer connect to the internet. Apple denied all responsibility and I was left with a phone which I couldn’t use wifi on.  This isn’t too much of an issue in the UK, apart from the annoyance factor, in that I’ve purchased a phone with a 24 month contract which I can no longer use effectively 18 months in.

After numerous conversations with Apple and my service provider T-Mobile I managed to get an early upgradeto EE, with the fee waived, to an iPhone 6. Initially I wanted an iPhone 6 Plus but having looked at them in the shop they are huge and not practical for someone with small hands to hold, let alone navigate around the screens.

I had my new phone a few days when I wanted to take a picture, which you can do from the lock screen using the camera icon in the bottom right hand corner.  Not on mine you can’t! So online I go again and find several other people experiencing the same issue.  Various things have worked to restore this function and mine worked by erasing all the content and taking the phone back to the factory settings and restoring it from a previous back up.

So expect a few more pictures popping up here, there and everywhere as I test it out.