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iPhone 6

You may remember a post from a few months ago where I wasn’t particualrly impressed with Apple as I had an iPhone 4S which, after the IOS 7 update back in July, would no longer connect to the internet. Apple denied all responsibility and I was left with a phone which I couldn’t use wifi on.  This isn’t too much of an issue in the UK, apart from the annoyance factor, in that I’ve purchased a phone with a 24 month contract which I can no longer use effectively 18 months in.

After numerous conversations with Apple and my service provider T-Mobile I managed to get an early upgradeto EE, with the fee waived, to an iPhone 6. Initially I wanted an iPhone 6 Plus but having looked at them in the shop they are huge and not practical for someone with small hands to hold, let alone navigate around the screens.

I had my new phone a few days when I wanted to take a picture, which you can do from the lock screen using the camera icon in the bottom right hand corner.  Not on mine you can’t! So online I go again and find several other people experiencing the same issue.  Various things have worked to restore this function and mine worked by erasing all the content and taking the phone back to the factory settings and restoring it from a previous back up.

So expect a few more pictures popping up here, there and everywhere as I test it out.



Birkenstocks and Aviators

Apologies for not posting for a while but I have been sunning myself in Turkey.  I am still there until tomorrow but as I have previously posted I’ve been having trouble with the wifi on my Apple iPhone.   However, as usual I have treated myself to a couple of items during my trip.  The first being a pair of Guess aviator style sunglasses.  I particularly wanted a pink/brown tint to the lenses which is why I went for these ones.  These were purchased in the duty free at Gatwick airport.  My second treat is a pair of white Birkenstocks.  I’m loving anything white at the moment and these are gorgeous.  They are really comfortable and fit my feet like a glove.  Although, I would recommend trying them on before buying as I am usually a size 6 and I have had to buy a size 5.  @SunglassesShop_


Apple iPhone 4S

Not very impressed with Apple at the minute after last software 7.1.1 update my wifi is disabled and greyed out and my battery life just disappears. Spoke to their tech people last night after doing some research on the internet. People are saying that the update is burning the chip but Apple say that this is not possible. Apparently if the chip is affected my phone’s hardware already had this issue and the update has just highlighted it. And yes you’ve guessed it, it is outside of the years manufacturers warranty so they could potentially want anywhere upwards of £166 to repair. What a con their update affects my phone but they wash their hands of it. NOT impressed and seriously considering moving to android, Samsung S5, on my next upgrade.