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I must confess I'm somewhat of a shopping addict and want to share my thoughts and opinions on my purchases, whether good, bad or indifferent I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have been known to phone the world and his wife and travel for miles to purchase an item that I really want and I'm happy to assist in locating items you are having difficulty in finding.

The future is bright…

I purchased a few new items of clothing since my last post and will share them with you over the coming days.  Most of them have been sale items of summer attire in readiness for my upcoming holiday in Tenerife.

My first items are a lovely tangerine orange top with a scallop hem from New Look which I have worn with black skinny jeans, black open toe sandals and a black chiffon, longline sleeveless waistcoat with a crochet hem.

These longline waistcoats will also look great with ripped denim shorts for holidays as I think the nice weather in the UK has sadly left us.


Semi permanent make up 

Apologies for not posting for so long but this year seems to have run away with me. I have recently taken the plunge and tried semi permanent make up, namely eyebrows and lower eyeliner. I went to a salon where the hand method is used rather than an electric tattoo machine. I did a lot of research on the Internet and this method of application gives a more natural effect. I went to a salon near me called The Salon in Milton Keynes and my treatment was carries out by Jaya who also owns the salon.

I’m not going to lie it was a little painful but felt like I was having my eyebrows plucked and after the first application an anaesthetic  cream is applied so you can hardly feel anything.  A top up is required after six weeks but the results should last 2-3 years.  It has shaved time off my make up routine in the morning and is so much easier when on holiday as it will always look like you have made some effort. 


Ski Scotland

I’m on my way home from a week in Scotland visiting my partners family. We took the opportunity to squeeze in some skiing as they live so close to the Cairngorms. We made a few stops on the way and spent a night at the MacDonald Manchester which was very nice but we had only booked a room and found out the next morning that the breakfast was £19.85 per person which I think is a little pricey for a fry up.
@Macdonald Hotels

Our second stop was at the Craigvrack Hotel in Pitlochry and a room with breakfast was £65. It was a lovely little place and reminded me of the ski towns in France. And the food we had at The Old Mill Inn was delicious.

Our first attempt at skiing was a non-starter as the road into Glenshee was closed due to snow but we managed to get through yesterday and enjoyed a good day skiing. Now I have to say the slopes are not as high as the Alps but snow is snow and it’s a good way to find your ski legs before your holiday. I put my new Dare2be ski gear that I had for Christmas to the test and it fared very well. I have gone for black and white this time and have put links to their website below. Although, I did fall off the poma lift and well and truly bent one of my ski poles. So, of course, I had to buy a new set in black and white to match my outfit. They were very reasonably priced at £25 for Salomon.







Dancing on the ceiling

Well the tables and chairs anyway. As some of you may know it was my birthday last week and I wanted to do something different. So a group of us went to Bistro Live in Milton Keynes. Little did I know not only would I be singled out to stand on my chair, as it was my birthday, but we were also encouraged to dance on the tables. How many places actually want you to get up and dance on their tables? I wore my new Kaliko sequin shift dress with some wedge shoe boots. I am only surprised that there were no accidents but can say the food was great and we had a brilliant night with a three course meal at a reasonable price of £25 per person.



Green with Envy

I must admit I’ve been a little green with envy as my other half has just been on a boy’s skiing weekend. So in a bid to cheer myself up I have participated in a little retail therapy.

I bought some knee length black boots from
MandCo. They have gold buckle detail to the side and are quilted at the back with a small block heel. I also bought a sequin shift dress from Kaliko and will be wearing it on my birthday night out tonight. I have picked up a strapless black and white stripes dress from River Island which will be perfect for Ascot or my brothers wedding later this year.

And I found a few tops for work in the January sales from New Look and Dorothy Perkins. So all in all a very productive shopping trip and I must say I feel much better.





Woolly Jumpers

I’ve had a splurge on buying woolly jumpers for the cold weather we have been having in the UK of late. And if the weather forecast is anything to go by it is likely to get worse.

These jumpers are from various shops, New Look, FandF, Primark, TKMaxx by GingerG and Brave Soul and are all very different and range from plain to patterned to number logos. They can also be worn casually for a last minute shopping trip or glammed up with a skirt and knee high boots or some accessories for a night out.



Mane’n’Tail – Update

Well I finally plucked up the courage to try the Mane’n’Tail shampoo that all the celebs have been raving about.
I was a little nervous as I imagined all sorts of horrible things happening to my hair but I’m glad to say it is still in tact and none has fallen out!!
The shampoo is almost gel like and needs to be washed twice to get a decent lather but they both have a really nice smell.
I was quite surprised by the results as I have very thick, dry, coarse hair and I am always trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that will leav my hair soft and shiny. And I have to say this Mane’n’Tail does a really good job. So I will probably use it again and I hope the results get better the more I use it.