Exante Diet

So I’ve been trying to diet, again, and have previously lost two stone on the Cambridge Diet. However, I am currently trying Exante Diet which is basically the same thing but a fraction of the price and I don’t have to try and fit in weekly weigh in sessions. You can either opt for 3x 200kcal or 4x 150kcal meal replacements a day but cannot mix and match. I can purchase it easily on line and get next day delivery free of charge. Since October I have lost 11lbs although I have to confess I have not been sticking to the plan religiously. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to make a shake or soup. But I still think that is a good result. I am aiming to lose another half a stone, at least, before Christmas and have just ordered my new supply. I’m trying some flavoured porridge and a chocolate pudding so will let you know what they taste like. And at the minute you can BOGOF!! Not literally of course.

Exante kindly sent me a little pressie in this delivery of a filter water bottle with its own little filter that aims to save you money as you don’t need to purchase bottled water. Each filter will give you the equivalent of 300 bottles of water.
Will keep you updated with my progress in the run up to Christmas and whether I can fit into my party frocks or not, fingers crossed x




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