Last year we had our first taste of camping,  it wasn’t really something we did as children as my parents had a caravan which was in Mablethorpe so we tended to spend our holidays there opening and closing it every season,

We weren’t really sure if we would like camping so we borrowed a small tent and an air bed etc. from friends.  But surprisingly we absolutely loved the experience and took the opportunity at a sale at GoOutdoors last year and bought a Hi Gear Kalahari 10 man tent.  A 10 man tent I hear you cry, for two of you, however, as it was the same price as an 8 man we thought it was silly not to buy a slightly larger tent.  We also hoped that our three children may like to share this experience with us.




Unfortunately due to the good old british weather we have only recently been able to put the tent to the test, but I can say a great time was had by all and we tried it glamp it up a bit and also treated ourselves to a Regatta Premium Deluxe Double Air bed.  Some of the reviews for this were not good, most saying that it deflated quite considerably overnight.  But I have to say we did not experience this at all and the blurb included did explain that the air inside the bed, once it warmed up may be cause deflation but that it just needed to have a bit more air added.






My biggest disappointment was that I couldn’t get hold of the recommended footprint for this tent.  My nearest GoOutdoors in Milton Keynes had sold out and then to add to my disappointment I thought I had reserved one online at their Basingstoke store, which my sister was going to collect for me, only for them to ring and tell me that they had in fact sold all their stock over that weekend.  I rang their customer services to see if they would send one to a store nearer to me but to no avail.  I even tried the Hi Gear website,, but they only sell exclusively via Go. Outdoors. Arggghhhhh.  In the end in my desperation, as I really didn’t want to ruin my new tent on its first outing, I purchased some tarpaulin from Wickes which will do the job for now as I won’t be spending the money on the Go Outdoors footprint until it is absolutely necessary.

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